Ukraine is agrarian country, it is generally recognized fact. It would be hard to overestimate the importance of agro-industrial sector for the national economy of Ukraine. Our agrarians are good in cereals, potato, sunflower, corn and other crops growing; our traders are effective in agrarian products global merchandising. Agriculture is the system of never ending life process – autumn always changes summer and spring comes after winter independent from economic recession or growth, political stability or political vector change.

Although agrarian business is of special importance, immaturity of state regulation in this sphere quite often creates obstacles for agrarian companies’ activities in our country. MUZYCHKO LAW FIRM professionals will find an optimal solution for your issues to be solved in agrarian business, including cost minimization to get unnecessary authorization documents, timely customs clearance of the goods, obtaining permits, licenses, etc.

We will assist you to overcome obstacles on the way to business growth and position consolidation at agrarian market of Ukraine – even those came from improper legal regulation of agricultural sector, due to tax and customs rulings’ variability and uncertainty as well as currency exchange regulations instability.