Sophisticated technologies. IT and telecommunications

From the viewpoint of science and technologies development, including IT and telecommunications, Ukraine is not hi-tech state. However, fortunately, this situation tends to change gradually. In particular we traditionally have high level of programmers’ training level, creating extensively high market demand for professionals in this area.

Ukraine is one of the global centers performing programming tasks ordered by the leading telecommunication companies all over the world.

Technologies are developing in every field of science and engineering. Depending on the stage of certain technology development, scientific and research institutions or individuals have demand for legal support. We are talking about their interests protection as authors and developers of inventions, utility models, copyrights and other issues.

Information technologies include production environment and processes, software and hardware integrated for data collection, processing, storage, distribution, demonstration and usage purpose.

Business connected with technologies workout, development, and utilization is quite dynamic one, it is always subject to certain changes. Such changes can refer to taxation or labor law issues, and can be connected with outsourcing practices using professionals from various countries and paying fees or salary to them. In the meantime business dynamics in scientific research, data and technology area is featured with this market players’ mergers and acquisition.

MUZYCHKO LAW FIRM specializes on IT and telecommunication workout and development clients support is under development at the moment. We have already got certain background in legal support and consulting certain projects in telecommunications and sophisticated technologies area. In the meantime, our experts are confident in solving regulatory issues, consumer rights protection in this area along with copyrights protection in tele and radio communications, stationary, cell and satellite telecommunications, wireless and fiber glass cable systems, Internet and e-commerce.

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