Sports, art and mass media

Any activity required legal support in the modern world and even such creative and high-minded spheres as arts and sports.

Consulting in media right, sports right or art requires narrow focus and deep in-depth study of the subject.
Situation currently existing in Ukraine due to various reasons resulted in making performing artists, sportsmen, painters and other workers of culture, art and sports one of the most unprotected segments, facing difficulties attempting to protect themselves and their interests solving the issues being on the edge of business and art or sports. It is quite often when culture facilities or bodies feel themselves in similar way.

Production industry develops gradually and sport and arts sphere is generally commercializing step by step. All of that motivated us to create customized practice dealing with jurisprudence issues in culture, sports and mass media areas.

MUZYCHKO LAW FIRM professionals will provide you with qualified legal assistance while solving complicated tasks connected with licensing and regulatory legislation application in TV and radio broadcasting, TV and radio channels activities and radio frequency use issues. We are consulting in copyright protection issues along literature and art performers’ rights, royalty fee receipt and user permits issue.

Our experts will provide legal support to sporting events arrangers, to sportsmen and sport clubs in legal issues they face in their operations.