Commercial business is blood circulatory system of economy in each country all over the world. Ukraine is not an exception. Each of our clients in fact conducts commercial activities. It can be food stuff retail trade through small points of sale, or flowers import to the country or million tons grain exporting.

MUZYCHKO LAW FIRM experts assist clients to find solutions to solve one or another commercial matter on everyday basis. We consult in commercial contracts making, advise and represent clients’ interests in the court and commercial arbitral tribunal while solving the disputes connected with failure to perform or improper fulfillment of commercial contracts. We also support our clients’ activities and defend their interests in judicial proceedings connected with government regulation, control and supervision in commerce, permits and licenses acquisition.

Our experience provides us possibility to consider the brevity of processes in commerce, to solve legal issues being pending for our clients in fast, prudent and professional manner.
Owing to innovative approaches and capability to forecast and accurately estimate the risks, MUZYCHKO LAW FIRM professionals provide comprehensive and multilevel solution of issues connected with commerce and trade, including international one. We render consulting services in commercial business conducting both in Ukraine and out of its territory.

Commerce is a kind of activities requiring substantive circulating capital, that means that each trading company needs fundraising through portfolio or direct investment mechanisms, loans taking out, etc. We support our clients at negotiations with investors and debt facility providers, participate in investment projects and Loan Agreements development.