Labor and employment

The issues connected with job placement and employment are always of vital importance. Ukraine inherited legislation which formally focused on employee’s rights protection, however it is quite often has nothing to do with today’s realities and is remote from life. In such circumstances it is quite complicated to adhere to so called “golden mean” – balance in the interests of employee and employer being production facilities proprietor.

MUZYCHKO LAW FIRM professionals have proper extent of knowledge and practical experience in this sphere, providing consulting in labor legislation, employee dismissal, sub-employment, modifications in production engineering and labor conditions, employment disputes and collective labor disputes settlement and other important and challenging issues.

We render comprehensive range of services – from labor contracts making issues to assistance in labor disputes resolution, assist to find best solutions to formalize employment relations mitigating risks for businesses in this sphere, develop human resources practices, accommodate to implement personal data security mechanism, perform labor matters analysis in the course of corporate restructuring.

We appreciate functional relationship with all the parties concerned, that’s why always assess all possible case scenarios prior to solutions development.