Restructuring and insolvency

It was for a good reason legislator named dedicated law “On Restoring Debtor Solvency or Declaring a Debtor Bankrupt” emphasizing that key target of judicial and extrajudicial procedures is to restore solvency. That’s why bankruptcy and restructuring practice is closely connected with “Corporate law, merger and acquisition (M&A)”, “Disputes settlement” and “Banking and financial law” practices. Our team has considerable experience in advising customers faced with financial pressure in trouble debts stabilization issues, including trans-border restructuring and refunding, additional investments attracting, reaching an accommodation with creditors, debts conversion into shares.
In the meantime our professionals are also experienced in creditors’ consulting, acting on behalf of creditors in the courts, at creditor meetings and creditor committees.
We cooperate with banks, financial experts and call leading experts to provide optimal business result and render customer perfect services of integrated nature.
We understand business of our clients thus our consultancies are always business-oriented and assist credit users, credit providers and shareholders to develop good strategy and select best usable and affordable tools to restructure troubled debt as required by law and international practice.
Furthermore we represent customers’ interests in the court in integrated procedures of bankruptcy and winding up proceedings.