Tax practice

The biggest challenges of business are connected with economic activity or its specific operations tax assessment. Apart from the fact that at fiscal bureaucratic apparatus level – state fiscal service bodies, opinioned idea is formed that business seeks for maximum tax mitigation or evades taxes, our experience shows that business is ready to pay taxes in obedience to the law and pays them. And all the businesses – from “small business’ enterprise to big transnational corporations – are doing their best to avoid double taxation, overcharged rates, unjustified additional charges of tax liabilities by tax officers in order to complete the plan.

Experience and resources we have make it possible to solve any issue connected with taxation in the most efficient and reliable nature. Our recommendations unconditionally comply not only with tax legislation, but innumerous number of currency and financial provisions and rules in force in Ukraine.

MUZYCHKO LAW FIRM experts consult in tax and customs law fields both separately and providing integrated legal services package. We not only develop efficient and practice proven solutions in all spheres of tax and customs legislation taking into consideration branch-specific business features, but also successfully introduce new tools of tax planning meeting the most stringent requirements of our customers.